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Jul 27 2010

Gotta roll with the punches: The life of a SpEducator

Today was a challenging day.

Despite my typically open mind, dedication, and determination to be flexible, I was caught off guard today by some somewhat minor changes and adjustments that have been made in my placement details. In part, I am frustrated with myself for not being as flexible as I had hoped I could be. The other part of my frustration comes from the long list of unknowns.

I understand that it is normal to not know details about your students’ levels. I’m not going to lie, the amount of unknowns right now make it so I feel particularly useless.

I want to get started! I want to dive right in! I want to begin working towards my goals to help these kids!

I need just a little time to digest some of the news that i received today.

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  1. C.

    I admire your tenacity and flexibility quite a bit. Those are qualities that I don’t possess much of. But for someone that’s as hard on themselves as I am, let me tell you, the last thing you should ever feel is useless. Believe me.

  2. sadienewell

    Girl, just know that you aren’t the only one. :] If you ever need to vent, come to the ECE/YWCA crew – we will listen with open ears!

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